Back To School Outfit Ideas

Wait! What? My last post was more than a week ago? How did that even happened??? Where did the time go friends??? I just came back from my summer vacation and now it’s back to school season already (well for some) and as for me, (ha!) here, back to my old routine of a 6-2 job – super fun!

Anyhow, if I were back in college or maybe highschool, I wish I can dress up like most of you because I didn’t got the chance for the fact that I had to wear a school uniform my entire school life. And this is why in honor of the back to school vibe, I want to share with you my idea of an appropriate school outfits to at least experience what it feels like to dress up for school. 😆😋

Photo Editor-20180824_080909.jpg

Outfit 1.

Being a frustrated dancer, I thought of this look as my outift during dance rehearsals. I just hope that dancers agree with me on this and wear it for the sake of my long lost dream lol.

– Tube Top

– Crepe Pants

– Oversized Polo

– Addidas

– Long Necklace and dangling earrings




I added some girly accessories just to balance the whole look because why not hehehe

Outfit 2.

Okay, I have to admit, this look is really meant for college students or even working women because it has a lot of skin showing but hey! I feel like throwing on a pair of stockings to cover up the legs, highschooler can wear this too.

– Flowy Crop Top

– Printed Skirt

– Mules

– Leather Jacket


I added some textures to this look to spice it up a bit because I feel like it looks super girly and revealing without the layers.

Outfit 3.

This 3rd look is my version of a naughty meets nice outfit (if that’s even a thing). The look of a t-shirt paired with bejeweled skirt and sneakers is super clever. I love how this shows a little bit of skin but still looks preserved hence the naughty meets nice name (just justifying myself here) Lol

– T-shirt

– Denim Skirt

– Nike Sneakers

– Hoop Earings and Layered Necklace


I forgot to finish this look with a chain backpack for a more edgier vibe but nevertheless, I think I’m in love. (SELF LOVE PEOPLE) kidding!

Outfit 4.

This is what I call a classic outfit for students because who doesn’t have a pair of denim jacket and a black dress in their closet (right?)

– Dress

– Denim Jacket

– Addidas Shoes

– Hoop Earings


I just tied my hair in a half top bun just to make it more casual and rugged looking. I finished the look with a pink shoe for some added color.

Outfit 5.

My final look is for sure a popular hit among students and sometimes for adults too because we just like to put words into anything we touch right?😋 But for real, I just love the saying in this tee that I have to put it in this list.

– Graphic Tee

– Jogger Pants

– Nike Sneakers

– Bracelet


It says ” I can’t adult today, maybe TOMORROW” isn’t this the most appropriate phrase for us adults? I think teachers will love you if they saw you wear this hahaha Also, the joggers made the look more loungier like you really can’t adult and just be in your pj’s all day 😉

I hope that this helps even just a bit on your decision making of what to wear to school or even maybe for casual days. Also, as long as your comfortable in your own skin, you can wear whatever you want and dress whoever you want to be.

‘Til my next one mwaaah