My Summer Essentials

Summer is almost over and I’m a bit sad because I’ll miss mr sun. If I’ll be given the choice, I’ll choose Summer all year round over Winter, Spring, or Fall. πŸ˜‰ Anyhow, since we know that Summer is all about sunshine, travels, and lots of fun stuff; we all have our own summer essentials to complete the season right? And this is what I want to share with you today, my mini Summer essentials that I have been loving basically almost everyday for the whole month of July.



I know (I know) if you think of summer, dresses and shorts is the outfit of choice but I just can’t help fall inlove with this high waisted wide leg jeans from H&M. It is super comfortable to wear and elegant looking which is perfect to pair with tops of any style and color.

Next in my list is this slides from H&M as well which is definitely summer appropriate because of its open back style. ( So sleek and classic) I have also been pairing this slides with the white jeans above and with some rompers and dresses and it just go with them so well. (I’m in love!!!!) Not to mention how comfortable they are but I have to be honest, I have to break it for 2 weeks though until it became comfortable lol.

And of course, we can’t forget about our sunglasses right? This is such a typical essential in every woman’s purse especially this summer and as for me, this is my favorite one. This is from Abella Eyewear and I love that it’s not a typical shades that has a metal strip in the bridge of the nose. (the gap in between the frames is super fashionable) It is very dainty and unique in style that makes it hard not to use it.

P.S. (Shameless Plug) I am one of their ambassadors so if you want to grab a pair from them, feel free to use my code “maarielim” for a discount. (Happy Shopping!!!!!)


Aside from clothes, makeup is a must all year round for us women and if you haven’t read about my summer makeup routine, what are you waiting for? Lol Anyhow, in that article, I’ve mentioned these three makeup products that I have been wearing and eventually became an essential for me this summer.

I feel like using these three items is enough to start my day and look more presentable to the public. And if you come to think of it, all these are dual purposes since the mascara is a primer and mascara in 1, the tint is for the cheeks and lips, and the palette is a duo of a blush and contour. Not to mention how small they are that it can fit even in just a small purse; perfect for travels.

Last but not the least, my favorite amongst this list is this perfume! I love that it smell so sweet and flowery but not overpowering. As we all know, Juicy Couture is all about sweet smells that I’m not really a fan of but this one is an exception. It makes me feel I’m covered with flowers (so fresh!) and that it blends well with my natural body oils too.




Frankly speaking, I want to share with you more stuff besides these but I know that these are on the top of my list and really worth sharing because they won’t hurt your banks and still make you look great and fashionable.

I hope that you all liked my essentials and if you want to share yours, please let me know and maybe I’ll like it too.

‘Till my next one mwaaaaah 😍😘


Products Mentioned:

Jeans and Slides = H&M

Shades = Abella Eyewear

Makeup = Loreal Mascara, E.L.F Face Duo ,and Benefit Benitint

Perfume = Juicy Couture in Rose