Tips On How to Score A Great Deal Online

Shopping for me is nothing but a treasure hunt of some sort – it’s not always a great search but my map is always full of gold. Also, as a cheap skate, I never back down on searching and digging for that red tag or for sale sign at any given time ( well unless I’m real tight with money ya know!)

I must admit though, I am the type of shopper that gets overwhelmed with so many things around me thus my online shopping addiction kicks in! Tbh, I don’t buy stuff every single week because first of all, I don’t have a disposable income and second, I don’t really need new things every week.

Fun fact – I love picking out clothes, try it on, and bring it all back to its rack! (At least I know I have self control – sometimes🤣) But whenever I’m in the mood to shop, I always click on my go to shopping sites and buy stuff online.( much easier than browsing through piles and piles of clothes) Also, not to brag or anything but whenever I do this, I do find cute things for less and this is why I want to share with you all what I do and what I look for in terms of shopping online.




Step 1. Make sure the site is under a 50% off deal or some sort of sale and if none, go to the clearance section.

This is to make sure you are really getting a good deal and this also serves as a sign that it’s about time to shop. Just be aware that most sale items are final sale and nonrefundable so make sure to read all the details just in case something goes south.

Screenshot_20180629-114359_Samsung Internet~2

Step 2. Under the sort button, set your search to low-high price range

This way, you can really narrow your search and be able to see the lowest priced item first. This maximizes your chance of getting the best deal but of course, you need to have the patience of scrolling through the entire collection.

Screenshot_20180709-101312_Samsung Internet

Step 3. Go for clothes under $20 only

After narrowing your search, do not waste time on items over $20 unless you are willing to spend more bucks for an item. Stay in your price range by not browsing through clothes way past your budget so you won’t get tempted. Trust me, this is one way to really stay in your budget game.

Screenshot_20180709-100549_Samsung Internet

Step 4. Choose all the clothes you want and put it in your cart

Do not hesitate to add everything you like in your cart. Putting items on your cart doesn’t mean buying it and this is one way to not lose the item in your hand. This happens to most online websites having sales, items go faster than a lightning so better safe than sorry.

Screenshot_20180709-102856_Samsung Internet

Step 5. Apply any coupon code for extra % off

If you have extra code to put on top of a reduced price, add it. (The more savings the better) Also, there are times when the website gives extra coupon code on their home page so make sure to keep your eyes open so you won’t miss it!

Step 6. Hit the needed amount to get free shipping.

Most websites offer free shipping when you hit a certain amount so if you can, try to reach it so all you need to pay is the total amount plus the tax. (Shipping fee can get real expensive)

Step 7. Remove 5 items you least like and leave 5 items you like best

Most times, you’ll meet your desired total price by buying only 5 items so make sure to review everything in your cart and only keep items you love the most. This is one great way to not waste your money to the things you are not certain about and to not regret buying it later.

Step 8. If you didn’t reach the target total for free shipping, keep adding stuff after sorting your cart.

After finalizing your cart and end up not meeting the free shipping, try adding more stuff. If you don’t want anything else, try to hold your cart for 2 more days and repeat the steps 1-7 until you hit the target or just pay the shipping fee if you are in a rush.

Step 9. Pay through paypal to ensure your credit card privacy.

If you are done online shopping, ready to checkout but doesn’t have any PayPal account, set it up instead of putting your credit card number directly through the shop’s website first. This is just what I do to ensure I’m protecting myself from any online fraud or identity theft. (Your life, your choice 😋😁)

Step 10. Wait for your package and enjoy!

This is the best and worst part of the process – best because finally you’ll get new set of clothes and worst because all you can do now is wait. If you want to return some stuff, you may do so but you have to pay the shipping fee so it’s either you ship it back, sell it, or save it for regifting purposes.


I know that we have our own style of saving money when shopping but trust me if I say that 98% of the time I follow these steps, I always end up with more clothes than what I pay for. One thing worth mentioning when shopping online though is to really know your size and the sizing of the store you’re shopping at. Also, keep in mind that sometimes, you’ll get something totally different from the picture and may fit you weirdly than how it shows in the model.

Moreover, if you are shopping online, make sure the sites you go into are safe and has a good standing – you don’t want to deal with a bogus site nor have your identity stolen. Research first before putting in any important information in the internet.

I hope that this helps some of you that are hesitant about shopping online. Feel free to follow my steps and let me know if you were able to save more money or if it changed how you shop online.

‘Till my next one mwaaaaah😘