My Summer Makeup Routine

Hello Summer and hello friends, I hope everything is going great and that you are enjoying every bits of your Summer vacation! As for me, my vacation starts next week and I am super duper excited about it! I can’t wait to relax and enjoy Summer time with my family. And of course, aside from having fun and being out and about, your girl needs to look cute and put together on this vacation so I thought of sharing with you all my Summer makeup routine. 😉😋☺



Step 1. I start my routine by applying my Olay “7 in 1 Total Effects with SPF15” moisturizer to act as a base for my foundation and also to protect my skin from the rays of the sun.

Step 2. I apply any concealer I have in my stash to my under eyes and to cover any dark spots I have. I blend the concealer with my foundation brush.

Step 3. I apply any powder foundation throughout my face and neck to set the moisturizer and concealer in place.

P.S. I don’t like using liquid foundation but whenever I feel like doing so, I use my Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Foundation with SPF15.

Step 4. I do my brows using a Maybelline eyebrow pencil and set it with the Maybelline “brow drama” in auburn.

Step 5. I swirl my Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics all over my cheeks and over my nose for a sunburnt look. Once the tint is dry, I follow it up with my ELF powder blush to set everything in place.

Step 6. I use a little bit of contour from ELF Cosmetics in my nose, temples, and hollows of my cheeks just to make my face looks smaller lol.

Step 7. I apply my Loreal “Voluminous Superstar” mascara to to make my eyes rounder and more awake since I’ve been skipping my eyeliner game lately. I don’t know why I’m not feeling the eyeliner look these days, maybe because I’m getting older and lazier lol.

Step 8. I apply a bold color lipstick to finish the look. I’ve been loving the “All Fired Up” redish pink lipstick from MAC and since I have nothing on my eyes, it perfectly completes my makeup look. (Pout them juicy lips!)

Step 9. To set everything in, I spray my Urban Decay “All Nighter Setting Spray” all over my face for extra cooling effect and long lasting makeup.


Eventhough my summer schedule is super busy, just following these 9 steps made my routine faster and not to mention how light the products feels on my skin. This routine is really perfect for any summer getaway you are planning especially when paired with cute outfits to finish the whole look – fresh and young looking!

I am definitely excited for my vacation jusy by writing this article and I hope wherever you all are, you are having the best time of your lives too.

Enjoy the sunshine friends!!!!!

‘Till my next one mwaaaah😘😉