Underrated Drugstore Makeup Items I Love

I know that makeup has been around even before my great great great grandmother was born that I feel like I must know most of the brands by now yet here I am still lost in its world. Despite of all the makeup brands popping here and there, I seem to hear the same brand names over and over again and not to mention how some of them are super high priced and doesn’t even make it to quality control. I guess these brands have the best marketing strategies because they seem to pull almost the entire beauty community in the palm of their hands.

Anyhow, I have to admit that sometimes, a part of me wants to give in yet the price just doesn’t give it justice and this is the main reason why I’m still into drugstore brands – cheap yet good quality. So, I thought of sharing with you some of my favorite underrated drugstore products just in case you want to take a rest from your usual high-end products.



I have been blogging about this palette for quite some time now because I am really inlove with it. ( And you must be tired of hearing it too πŸ˜†) I know it’s not the most creamy palette in the market but the pigmentation and the application of its shadows are on point. The colors are very versatile that you can wear it in every occasion. Also I have been playing around with this since I got it to the point where I used it for a full face makeup video in my YouTube channel. You can definitely get your money’s worth for just $8!



I know Sleek Makeup is a little on the pricier side but to be quite honest, I don’t hear it often enough and this is the reason why I wanted to try it out and to my surprise, it is definitely one of the creamiest shadows in the drugstore. There are a lot of choices to choose from their palettes but this one in particular caught my eyes. It has the colors perfect for a sultry eye look and the shadows are easy to blend and very pigmented. Its packaging is definitely sleek and I love that it has a full size mirror in it. (Great for travelling!)



ELF is definitely not an underrated brand however, this eyeliner is a definite yes! There’s a lot of ELF products that are widely used but I rarely see this eyeliner being drooled upon. I understand as it has a flimsy wand and harder to use if you are a beginner but color wise and wearabilty of it is definitely at the top of my list. For just $2, it stays in my oily eyelids for almost the entire day and it doesn’t smudge at all. Using this takes practice but once you get the hang of it, you won’t let this go. ( Dollar store even carry this itemπŸ˜‰)



This is by far one of my favorite mascara because it is super waterproof, lengthening, and volumizing. It is a bit on the pricier side but real worth the try. They say it’s like the “Better Than Sex” of Two Faced yet I can’t verify that because I don’t own one. Nevertheless, I believe that this product needs to be promoted more because of how high quality it is for a drugstore mascara.



If you want a highlighter and a blush in one, this Milani baked blush in Luminuoso is perfect for you! It will give you this subtle glow that lightens up your face which is very perfect for date looks. It also has a very light and creamy feel to your face which is great for hot weathers. (Like this summer!) One thing I would love for it to have though is a built in mirror but other than that, this is one great blush that needs more recognition.


I know that we all have our own preference on what makeup brands or items we put in our face and for me, I love drugstore brands because they are economically priced and still perform like they are from high-end brands. I am not saying that all drugstore items are comparably in line with high-end ones but so far, drugstore products I’d found and tried didn’t let me down.

Frankly speaking though, I would love toΒ try some of the high-end products just so I can really compare their differences but for now, drugstore brands is still the way to go! So if you have an item that you feel is underrated, please feel free to share and for sure I’ll give it a try.

‘Till my next one 😚


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