My Hair Care Routine

They say, hair is the universal crown of women and I do believe it’s true. It is like wearing a precious gem everyday and we are expected to take care of it and maintain its brilliance. However, we try to change it so much that it loses its shine and sparkle. This is why we always have to take care of it and make sure to use products that are meant and suitable for the type of hair we have.

As for mine, I have thin, straight black hair but as time goes by, it became less shiny, a bit brittle, and just plain damaged. This is from all the dyes and heat I put my hair into and I’m sure you girls can relate too. So I want to share with you all 3 easy steps I do in taking care of my crown.


Step 1. Shampooing

This is a battle most girls are faced with everyday – some can argue that washing your hair everyday is good and for some, it’s bad. I think at the end of the day, it’s all about preference because after all, it’s our hair so we have the choice to do whatever to it.

Personally, I don’t shampoo everyday unless I’m on vacation in a tropical place. I wash every other day or 2 because I have really oily scalp so it depends on how dirty I feel like my hair is. Also, I don’t really have a preference on what brand I use, it just needs to be a foamy one.

Currently, I’m using this Tresseme because it is meant for colored treated hair and that’s the only reason why I picked it up.


Step 2. Conditioning

Fun fact, I’ve just learned how to use conditioner 3 yrs ago – weird isn’t it? I guess I was thinking that since my hair is naturally straight and soft, shampoo alone is enough. But of course, as I continue dying and putting lots of heat in it, it started to tangle its way to different loops and became weirdly wavy. Having noticed that, I really need to use conditioner to soften the knots and tame it. Again, I do not have any preference with the brand, as long as it leaves my hair softer and shinier, I’m down!

So far, this Fructis Sleek and Shine has been great in detangling my knots. You can’t go wrong with this one because it has other oil compounds that repairs your hair.


Step 3. Extra Conditioning

This step is optional but for me, I love using leave on conditioner because I’m extra like that hahaha but for real, extra conditioning is super beneficial to my hair. It helps me tame my fly aways and you do not need to rinse it so you know that your hair is conditioned through out the day.

I have used different leave on conditioner from oils to creams and so far, this L’oreal Elvive is the best. It leaves my hair smelling fresh throughout the day and doesn’t make it look greasy like the others.


I know doing just 3 steps doesn’t seem to be enough but I feel like these steps are the basic essential to maintain a healthier looking hair. I do use other hair products as well like dry shampoo and take hair supplements to support my hair growth because I do suffer from extreme hairfall.

Also, don’t limit yourself in trying just 1 brand nor buying shampoo because someone else is using because we have different hair types and preferences. We have to make sure to use products that best suits our hair needs and do other necessary steps needed for a healthier and bouncier hair.


P.S. If you want to see how I do my hair care routine, please kindly watch the video down below.

I hope you all learn a thing or two and feel free to comment what you do for your own hair care routine. ‘Till my next one!