Outfits of the Week (June 25 – 29)

Hello friends!!!! June is over already and what a roller coaster it was right? It was such a blur and a very interesting month for me which is very odd. I was busy doing lots of things with my youtube channel and this blog that I didn’t noticed June has come to an end already.Β It felt great to have my creative juices come through though, I wasn’t expecting my mind is capable of doing all that 🀣

But of course, let’s not end June like it was nothing so I was thinking what’s a good month’s end post than an outfit of the week compilation right? And so, I have here my 5 days work outfit to finish this bizarre yet fun month.


Top – Forever 21
Pants – Forever 21
Cardigan – Marshalls
Shoes – Skechers


Top – Marshalls
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Target


Dress – H&M
Shoes – Skechers




Top – Marshalls
Pants – INC
Shoes – Target

FYI, June 24 was supposed to be the start of Summer yet it didn’t felt like it was so I have to dress accordingly hence my outfit choices. I’m such a cold person but not like the “cold” you’re thinking. ( At least that’s what I know Lol) Anyhow, I’m glad that I was able to end June on a positive note and I can’t wait for July because it’s vacation time!!!!🀩😎 ( finally, no waking up at 5 in the morning for 2 weeks!!!)

You can also watch this in video form for a much closer look . Just click the video πŸ‘‡πŸΌ and I hope you enjoy watching it 😁


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