5 Budget Friendly Tricks To Looking Fashionably Cute

Hello July 2018! – where did the time go everyone? – It felt like it was just January and here we are half way through the year already! Gone are the days when we used to just chill, work and squeeze in a short quiet time for ourselves isn’t it? Oh, how things are constantly evolving. This also goes with fashion, living in such a fast pace world, we tend to live through it everday and forget to dress fashionably cute because what we do is just put on whatever clothes we have and out we go! This might not be true with all the “fashionistas” out there but (hey!) not a lot of people have the resources to have new stuff every week yet (for sure) a lot of us wants to look great without trying too much and breaking our banks right?

This is why I want to share with you my simple styling tricks whenever I don’t have the time in the world and still want to look cute and extra on a budget.




1. LBD (Little Black Dress)

I know for sure that every women know about this rule and own at least 1 pair of this in their closet – if you don’t, then what are you waiting for? Put down your laptop or phone right now and go to your nearest clothing store and buy 1!!!! 

LBD is such a staple in my closet because I can style it up or down depending on the occasion. A little trick too, I will always try to wear this when I know I’m going to eat more than I should because black makes this slimming illusion that hides my food baby. Also, the fact that black is a universal color, everybody looks extra fancy and beautiful in it.

P.S. this black scallop dress is from the thrift store!!!

2. Statement Belt 

I am a fan of statement belts especially those with center design on it for quite some time now because it just hugs my waist perfectly, thus, giving me an hourglass shape illusion. (Middie belts is the key to hide our clingy cute fats in our happy and yummy belly Lol) You can use any color you want and either a chunky or a tiny belt will do too (whichever you prefer).

3. Jewelry Pieces

In this case, I wore a statement bracelet to give the whole outfit an edgier vibe. I picked the one with a gold hardware and black bead stone to match my dress. Most of my accessories are in gold colors because I feel like it just compliments my yellow skintone the best but if you want silver, go for it too!

You can layer up on your accessories too as long as you don’t over do it. Minimalism is still the way to go because we don’t want to look messy and over-dressed. We want everyone to see how put together we are without them thinking we spend half of our day planning and styling ourselves just to look cute!

4. Wear Comfortable Footwear

I just had to wear sneakers with this dress because this dress is too short to begin with that I need to wear a comfortable shoe to be able to move freely so I won’t trip on myself as I’m as clumsy as a monkey.

Also, I had to choose a flat pair of shoe because tbh, I don’t really know how to walk in heels – another trick for you ladies out there who have the same issue like me. Always remember to buy cute flat shoes ‘coz they will come in handy for sure! We want to look fashionably cute everytime without sacrificing comfort.

On a side note, if you are someone whose height matches a grade school kid, don’t be sad, I am too wasn’t blessed to have a model-like height but we can always wear a 2 inch heel 🙂 (this I can walk with) – it gives us added height without looking like we are paralyzed zombies.

5. Wear Your Best and Beautiful

Smile – Last but not the least and true enough, there is no easier way to look extra cute than to put our biggest smile out there in the whole wide world! This may sound so cliche to most but I am a firm believer that smile is the biggest gift we can give ourselves and others. Just smiling in the mirror and seeing this simple gesture in anyone’s face, sets up the mood for the whole day.

We just shine in every angle that no matter how we look, it doesn’t matter because we are wearing the most expensive thing we own – OUR SMILE.



Let us not forget that these steps are just ways to physically enhance our look and be socially acceptable. It is what we truly are as a person that counts more and that no expensive things can hide away all our impurities.

After all, we are only human and It ‘s okay to take a break and relax from time to time to enjoy life and everything that is nice in this world.

Dress (thrift find) , shoe (Adidas) , Bracelet (Forever 21), belt (Greenhills find – PI)