Top 5 Photo Editor I Use

Photography as we know it is not as easy and cheap like most hobbies out there. And as a matter of fact, there are more to learn in photography than just a 1,2,3 click thing or having the perfect subject, e.g., determining the right angles, shadow, lighting etc. (Wow! As if I’m a professional photographer lol. )

Anyhow, I’ve also realized that sometimes, it’s not all about how good you are as a photographer that matters but also choosing the right photo editor or photoshop software to do some tricks for a so called “picture perfect” photographs.

This is why for me, I really like discovering applications like photo editors so I can edit my pictures like it was taken by a professional photographer – only the free ones though šŸ™‚. With that, here are the top 5 editors I use :

Photo Editor-20180611_121000


1. Photo Editor

This is by far my most used app in my collection because it’s so easy to use and I can get rid of the watermark šŸ™‚ I simply go to the watermark option, click the no watermark and save it. I mainly use it in creating my cover photo for my youtube videos.

Here are its functions:

– Re-mix up to 9 photos with different canvas ratio to choose from that matches the layout of some of the famous social media sites.

– Lets you add GIF and regular stickers but the only offer limited free selections and the rest are valid for purchase.

– It also lets you edit your face like removing your scars or pimple for the matter ( I don’t usually do this because it’s to extensive of a step and seriously, I don’t really care Lol.)

– You can add filters to your photos (e.g Foodie, Travel, Mood and so on).

– You can add text and some stickers too and not to mention a picture background of your choice.


2. Hype Type Photo Editor

This is usually used to add text on pictures but I use its “Shapes” feauture to create a cutout illusion for my pictures.

Screenshot_20180614-073728_HypeType - Photo Editor


3. DSLR Photo Blur

I use this mainly to blur the background of my pictures because let’s be real, there are times when you happen to get the perfect shot of a specific subject but the background isn’t pleasing enough right? This editor is just perfect for unintentional ugly backdrops if you may call it and trust me, this does really come in handy. You can also adjust the bluriness of the background to make a more dramatic effect.

Screenshot_20180614-082040_DSLR Camera Blur Effects.jpg

4. FotoRus

I use this for collage purposes because it has a lot of themes to choose from and it does have a freestyle button where you can arrange the photos in the order that you want.

Here are its functions:

– Classic and fashionable photo grid with lots of artistic themes.

Motion Sticker & Sticker
– A camera with motion stickers amazing for capturing selfies or memories with friends. You can use face filters like those seen on instagram and facebook stories.

Pro Edit/ Beauty
– Like most apps, you can edit your photos with dozens of editing tools like adjusting and retouching color saturations.

– There’s a live camera too for a beautified selfies like removing blemishes and adding amazing makeup looks filters.

– There’s also a lot of artwork effects to choose like animated effects.


5. InShot

This is (for me) the most stylish editor I have because I love the “GLITCH” effect on it. (it can make your photos look like magazine covers haha) It’s just a bummer though that you have to pay for the other effects they offer which ranges from $1-$5 but anyhow, I’m still in love with it.




And there you have it friends, I hope this helps most of you and that you learn a thing or two. Also, just a reminder though, it’s totally acceptable to edit our pictures but don’t let it change you. We don’t need to be perfect all the time and if need be, we should capture all the flaws there is in the world to remind us that life can be mean sometimes but we have the choice to change it and not get stuck with it. Together we can do anything and everything to make things better, wonderful, and beautiful.


P.S. All of these are downloadable through Google Play Store (not aware if apple store carry these apps) and in case you are wondering, I am using a Samsung Note 8 (its camera is the bomb!)