5 Places I want to Visit Before I’m 30

A life well traveled is a life full of learnings, discoveries, and new beginnings – this is not my mantra in life but I do believe it’s true. Some people are lucky enough to have the luxury there is to just travel anywhere they want to go and for some (like me) there’s a lot of things worth considering before going on and hopping on that plane to see and experience the so called “dream destinations”. – saddening yet true.

I’d like to say though that I’m still fortunate enough that I got to travel to some of my dream destinations already but I have yet to see the rest of the world.

For sure, all of us have our own lists of places we want to visit and so today, I just want to share mine with all of you and maybe, we can get to fullfill our dreams at the same time.


1. Iceland

This is definitely one of the most magical places I have seen through photos and I just can’t wait to see and explore its wonders – not to mention how romantic it will be if I get to see it with my special someone.

I really want to dip and bathe in the Blue Lagoon and of course to see the northern lights!!!! (Just thinking about it gives me chills already)

Screenshot_20180615-121133_Samsung InternetScreenshot_20180615-120305_Samsung Internet

2. Japan

Tbh, I have been to most Asian countries but I have heard so many good things about Japan that I really want to experience it myself even though it’s one of the most expensive country in Asia. I can’t wait to see the famous “hachiko” statue, get to taste their very famous ramen and go on a shopping spree. (not that I have lots of money to spend)

P.S. I think I’m going there next year!!!! I’m so excited!!!!

Screenshot_20180615-121445_Samsung InternetScreenshot_20180615-121406_Samsung Internet

3. Italy

This place has been in my list since I don’t know when and I really hope I’ll get the chance to see it real soon. I feel like once I set foot on their land, I’m already part of its rich culture and history. Everything about it just screams “legendary” and I can’t wait to explore the country with my family. I would really love to see Vatican (I hope to see the pope and for sure my parents will be stoked if we did), the leaning tower, the city of Florence and a lot more. Oooh and let’s not forget about their food and wine selections, for sure it will be life changing Lol.


4. Israel

Whenever I think about this place, all I think about is Jesus. I have to be honest, I haven’t read the whole Bible nor I’m the most holy person ever created but I feel like going here will change me. I am not going to try to narrate my love for Jesus in this article just to be considerate to whoever will read this blog but I just know that there is only one Savior and that all of who I am, I awe it to Him – JESUS.

I would really love to experience and see what Holy Land is like and to learn more about our origin. It will truly be a dream come true to see the Jordan River, Dead Sea, Bethlehem, and other historial places where Jesus has set foot on. I will definitely book this trip in a couple of years.


5. Santorini

From the time I saw the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” when I was in grade school, I have been dreaming of going here and who I’m gonna bring with me even up to this day. I just feel like it’s one of those romantic places that’s super perfect for an anniversary getaway. I am already thinking of the most perfect dinner date I could ever have and I’m getting real excited!!!! (I have to send this article to him hahaha)

Screenshot_20180615-101320_Samsung Internet.jpg

I can’t tell you all how excited I am while writing this article today and how I wish I’m in one of this places right now but nevertheless, I am just in awe how magical our world is. There are so many places worth seeing and experiencing in our lifetime and I just wish that someday, peace will be all over the world. I just wish that we get to see past our differences and just appreciate life. I know not everyday is a wonderful day but there’s always a rainbow after the rain right?


P.S. I say before I reach 30 so I have 5 more years to accomplish this dream of mine! Wish me luck folks!