Selfie 101

I must admit, I do love taking selfies and it’s not because I admire myself too much but rather I want to see how I’ve changed and grown as a person and mainly out of boredom too Lol. Funny how a slight head turn and where we are in life makes a huge difference on how we look right? And isn’t it creative enough that we can play with photography nowadays with just a click on our smartphones and all these applications?

I am just in awe whenever I take selfies because it always end up looking different. As hard it is to admit this but I did lost count of how many selfies I took but nevertheless, I really had fun taking them so here’s some of it just so I can justify my actions hahaha

Photo Editor-20180607_084200Photo Editor-20180607_084606

I always tilt my head from left to right while looking up or down to hide my chubby cheeks ( I promise this trick will never let you down Lol) Also, as much as possible, I try not to look straight in the camera to make an illusion of a slimmer face and accentuate my jaw line. 🙂 Sometimes, we just gotta make the most of what we have don’t we?

Taking that portrait shot of ourselves just boost our confidence knowing that we have our own unique beauty. There is no ugly or pretty person, it ‘s all about finding our beauty that is deeply embedded within all of us.

I am just happy to share with you all my hidden pictures though for sure, none of you are interested in seeing them hahaha

Hope you enjoy!!!! (Or nah)

P.S. Practice makes perfect so try and try your best until you capture your best angle.