Neon Light

Neon is probably the color most women tend to take their eyes off of because let ‘s be honest, it’s not for everyone. I guess for me, I see it in a different angle and it just screams “WEAR ME PLEASE” every time I lay my eyes on them LOL.

I can claim that I am the type of girl that’s not afraid of colors and I love it! (wouldn ‘t have it any other way :)) I don’t know why I’m so drawn to bright colors like this highlighter green jacket and not to mention the crazy details that comes with it!




Also, is it just me or does this whole look screams glamour- runway feel? The dress is such a statement piece on its own already for having a high-low style yet adding the neon printed jacket just made the whole look even more stunning and high-end looking fashion piece. Combining these 2 different texture and style just goes to show how spontaneous and fun I am as a person ( funny how I’m self-proclaiming I’m cool enough :))

On a serious note, don’t you just love how neon adds a dramatic effect on anything plain? Everybody should have at least a pair of anything neon in their closet and wear them just for the fun of it right? – do you think you’ll buy one too?



Jacket and dress (

Bandana ( Mom’s Closet)

Heels (Forever 21)