Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Foundation SPF 15 Review

Back in the day when I was still new to makeup – even now – I don’t gravitate towards wearing liquid foundations because it’s too heavy for the Manila weather. Even when I moved here to SF, I was only using powder foundations because I am used to that way and the fact that my skin doesn’t break out that much helps too (thank you skin goddesses). Having that said, I still don’t limit myself to trying new things this is why when I saw this new Mega Cushion Foundation from Wet n Wild, I was intrigued and immediately got drawn to it. I was so excited when I saw its packaging for the reason that it looked like the  L’Oreal® Paris True Match Cushion and seeing its price, I knew I had to get and try it so I did.


I got the shade – Buff Beige – which is a perfect match for my yellow undertone. Being a foundation and sunscreen in 1, it doesn’t have that chemical, sunscreeny smell to it which is a bit suprising to me – I guess 15 SPF is not that strong of a sunscreen. To me, it smells like a bottle of shampoo tbh just in case you are wondering LOL.


This is a little try-on swatch for you because I want to show how it applies and how it covers my oiliness. All I did was apply the foundation with a damp beauty sponge instead of a brush for a smoother and easier application. One thing worth mentioning though is that you have to press the sponge a little harder to extract the product because all the foundation are at the bottom of the pan.  After that, I set my face with a powder foundation but if you are someone who preffered a fuller coverage makeup, you can follow it up with your favorite concealer then top it with a powder foundation or loose powder.

I love that this is a light to medium coverage foundation that can pass as a CC cream because I don’t really like a super heavy feeling makeup and that I can just build the coverage to my liking. However, I noticed whenever I use this foundation, I do break out from it – I guess my skin reacts to the fragrance component they put in it or I’m just not used to liquid foundations. So I suggest if you have a sensitive skin, you better try this on the back of your hand first because you don’t want to ruin that beautiful face (do you?)

Over all I would say that for $10, this is worth trying. If I can change something though, I like to see a rather more compact with a secure packaging of this product than what it has now because I’m worried that it will spill in my makeup bag. – I say this because for sure, I’ll forget to close it tight like I always do and make a huge mess lol.

I also feel like this foundation is perfect for ladies out there that are just starting with makeup because of its thin consistency so you can build it to your liking. Also, in this way, you can prepare your pores before going for a fuller coverage foundations and for buying a more expensive brand for that matter.

To finalize this review, I want to rate this product as 8 out of 10 based on its coverage, smell, SPF, and consistency.

What do you think, will you try this or nah?