May Favorites – Beauty and Food

Another month is about to come to an end and what better way to celebrate it than to take this day as a token of appreciation to all of my beauty and food favorites. Without these babies, May would never be this awesome and enjoyable and I hope yours was too!


I want to start it of with my beauty faves and though some of these are seen in my blog so often than not, it just goes to show how I’m so crazy in love with them. They give my face colors and brightens up my mornings even more. They are priced affordably and very pigmented.



Left to right:

Wet n Wild – Not your Basic Peach

Maybelline Master Chrome – Molten Good

Sleek Makeup – Flaunt It

Hard Candy

Milani – Adorable


Next are these hair care products that saves me every single day of May – good hygiene is a must ladies! I have been in love with all the Batiste Dry Shampoo even though they are not the cheapest in the drugstore. And for this L’oreal leave on conditioner, it just leaves you with such long, shiny and smooth hair you would want to run your fingers to every minute of the day.

Photo Editor-20180529_181541

Lastly, skin care will never be out of place in my favorites – They are essential to me every single day that’s for sure! Olay – without a doubt my number 1 most trusted drugstore skin care brand ever – they are so gentle in the skin with a price point no one can beat! Also, this age rewind moisturizer they have is a must try ‘coz it leaves my face super hydrated the next morning and doesn’t break me out.

Photo Editor-20180529_181456

Okay ladies, enough of the beauty stuff already, I can’t wait to share with you my food favorites for this Month! I don’t even believe in myself for claiming that these are just monthly favorites because I’ve been devouring them since day 1 !!!!! – Every day is my cheat day I must say. 🙂 

I always get the family size for this chips ahoy and I like mine chunky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will reheat 2 pieces in the microwave for 10 seconds and girls, the chocolate just oozes out if the cookie – Im so addicted !!!! This jerky is so addictive too and I don’t need to feel guilty eating it since it’s only 90 calories!!!!!!!!!! This hazelnut crepe is just the cherry on top for the month of May because it is such a comfort food that I can eat 3 packs of this in one seating 🙂


It was indeed a fast yet fulfilling month and I just can’t wait for the next months to come. I hope that you enjoyed this month as much as I did and that some of my favorites will be yours too in the month of June – ’till my next one ladies!