Just Thoughts #4 ” What If “

Have you ever felt like quitting before even trying? Have you ever felt the need to follow people’s opinion just because? Have you ever think of calling yourself a loser because you haven ‘t even tried your hardest but you’re already tired? Have you ever thought you’ll regret something later if you ever stop now? If your answer to all these are “YES” then I am glad I am not alone.

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I never imagined myself ever writing about my so called new “career” but I have this feeling of heaviness inside me that’s going to burst anytime soon if I don’t release it. I have been contemplating if I shall continue doing it – Real Estate – or should I just quit because its giving me so much anxiety that I do not even know how and why it does. This is definitely one of the hardest decision I’ll ever have to make and I’m doing this with a heavy yet happy heart – I don’t even know if that’s even possible. 

Since I had my license, I have been drowning myself with all the what if’s one can ever think of and it just pains me that I am feeling this way knowing how much effort I’ve put into it. In my mind, I should continue because of everything I’ve went through to get it – license – but there’s something about doing it in the long run that makes me think twice! I’d love to feel and think that I am just overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that comes with it but that’s not the case. I am just not as happy and excited doing it unlike blogging and vlogging. I’ve been trying to love and to just keep pushing myself to try harder but the passion is just not there – I guess it’s so cheesy to say this but now I understand the ” Do what makes you happy” line. 

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I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all have doubts and can never tell what the future holds but wouldn’t it be easy to just listen to our own voice and never let anyone tell us otherwise? Yes! – it is so hard to just do whatever we want because life doesn’t work that way but let me just tell you this, ” It will never be easy but it will if you are doing what you think will make you happy and to just stop questioning everything.”

If we will always think of all the – What if’s of life – we will never find contentment and the real happiness we are looking for. We need to learn that we can’t do all the things we want to do and there will come a point in our lives that we need to choose and that it is okay, it is okay to make the wrong choices. At the end of the day, whatever decision we make, may it be for better or worse, we tried and we learned from it. We just have to try and  try until we finally reach our end goal, we might need to close 1 door to open another and maybe, just maybe, we will stay and not to ever look for another door to open. No one said it will be easy but as long as you are happy doing whatever you are doing, then you made the right choice.We just have to make sure that we never step on anyone just to reach that goal and to pray for guidance, always remember :


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