Walmart Favorites ” Latest in lips”

Last weekend I was at Walmart for a regular grocery shopping day and per usual, I am not there just for the food but for their beauty section too! As I was entering the cozy space of their beauty aisle, immediately my eye caught a hot pink colored box with a $9.88 sign beside it and as a sucker for cheap finds, I knew I can ‘t pass on it!


There were 3 collections in their Walmart Favorites which are for the face, lips and eyes but this lip kit stood the most to me. The boxes comes with 6 products each and cost over $38 which is such a steal! This is their take on the famous monthly subscriptions sites circulating the market today. Items in the boxes are mainly drugstore brands so don’t expect to see any high-end products – but hey a deal is a deal!


This collection composes of nude colors in a form of serums, exfoliators, gloss, and ink. I got carried away seeing all the colors in the box because I am not the type to wear nude colors and thus pay for it. So since it was just $10, I thought that there ‘s no harm in trying so I did.


Revlon Kiss Lip Creme in Nude Honey –  $7.97

This for me is very sheer for being a creme – it feels and looks like a gloss when applied but if you are into glossy finish and have a little splash of color peaking through, this might be good for you. I didn ‘t feel any tingling sensation too so I can’t say that it is to plump the lips.

Milani Amore Mattes Lip Crème in Adorable – $5.97

I can say that this matte creme is one of my favorites in this kit because it glides so smoothly when applied and did I mention it smells like vanilla too???? One thing though is that it ‘s a bit sticky at first but once it completely dries, it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips for being matte.

L’Oreal® Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss in Stament Nude – $7.97


This one is in a sample size and my least favorite from the kit even though it smells like strawberry. I guess it ‘s just me but I can ‘t stand when lip products have this chemical smell to it that it kinda tastes like shampoo – this is one is such a great example of that. I love its color pay-off though – very close with the color of my lips.

Hard Candy Plumping Serum in Sugar Sugar – $6


Isn’t this the most girly, sexy, and classy packaging in the drugstore you’ve ever laid eyes on? – ‘coz it’s definitely is in my opinion!  It smells like strawberry too and glides so smoothly when applied but comes off very nude on me that I feel like I look so pale and dead wearing it.

Since it’s a plumping lip gloss – it does stings slightly but I feel like it didn’t really plumpped up my lips. It’s not sticky at all too like other glosses which is a major plus!

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Dreamer – $ 7.00


I am very excited about this product in particular but I got a little disappointed because it claims to be matte but it dries up so slow and sticky in the process. I just wish that it dried up quicker but hey! – I love its vanilla scent and for looking like a mauvy pink instead of a pale pink.

Lip Exfoliator in Brown Sugar – $3.00

This is basically a good old lip scrub made of brown sugar and some wax. You can easily DIY this at home with a mixture of brown sugar or coffee grounds and some petroleum jelly – nothing beats a good old home recipe right?


I would say that in general, boxes like these are worth trying because it gives you the chance to test and try different brands for cheaper prices. Nothing beats a good deal even though some items might not suit your liking. I just wish that they have put at least 1 lipstick product instead of all toppers. Over all I am very pleased with this kit and I hope that they come up with more shades other than their nude set or just different varieties like 1 kit of full face products – that will be such a great kit and I will definitely not going to pass on it!

You, what color should they make next?