Just Thoughts #3 “MAMA”

Mother ‘s day was just yesterday and I’m feeling guilty because I feel like I haven ‘t been a good daughter to my mom for so long. Yes, I love her and I tell her everyday but I know deep inside that I haven ‘t given her the attention, care, love, and joy that she hugely deserves.


I show my love to her by giving her material things to cover up the heartaches I’m throwing at her. I am not a rebel child that I know she ‘s proud of but I know that she sometimes feel neglected, abandonned, and disrepsected by my cattiness demeanor. I know that whenever things go south between us, she still loves me and I just want her to know that I feel the same. I may not always show her my affection but I wanted her to know that I feel so blessed, over-joyed, and lucky to be called her daughter. I just want the world to know how grateful I am to be able to experience such love and care from a person especially from a mother.


I am so happy and proud that I have someone selfless and loving by my side since day 1. I am so happy and proud that I have someone to call “MOM” and I promise you that everyday I’ll celebrate you. This is for you MAMA.