Hard Candy Review

When I started my Youtube Channel a month ago,  I was in the hunt for a cheap drugstore palette because I’m in dire need of one then I came across the Wet n Wild “Not Your Basic Peach” palette and I’ve been loving it since. But me being me, I got tired of the colors in just a couple of days so I began my hunt again and found this Hard Candy Brand at Walmart- I know I’ve heard about this brand before but I wasn’t that sure so I gave it a try.



I dont know the name of this palette though – Look Pro might be its name – but it’s such a shame for me not to share this wonderful palette with you ladies after getting the chance to play with it. I feel like this brand wasn ‘t given the credit they deserve unlike other brands in the same price range so here are my thoughts.



These are the swatches of the colors in the palette and let me just tell you how smooth it glides unto your skin and the pigment is just incredible. They have 6 matte shades and 11 shimmery shades and these are my favorite colors :


As we all know, shimmery shades are as not as pigmented as the matte ones so it’s best applied with a finger or a wet brush but other than that, regular makeup technique can be done.



This palette also comes with 2 very soft two-sided brushes and a mirror. I must say that this is a bit bulky for me than the other palettes I have but over all, its shades are very buildable, blendable, and versatile. You can definitely make a lot of looks out of this one for just $8.

Also, if you want to see how I created a look out of this palette, please check out the video above.

I hope I was able to give justice to this amazing palette and I can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are. You can also reply on my Youtube account showcasing your own version so we can all learn from one another.