Stripe It Up!


Being tall is just not in my genes – faced that fact looong time ago lol – but there is something about how models walk the runway that makes me wonder, how can I achieve a longer looking legs? I know for a fact that I can ‘t walk on heels so that is not an option anymore. I can wear shorts and nude shoes too but Bay Area’s weather is like an open, walk-in freezer that I just can ‘t show my bare legs, so what’s left for me to wear? Jeans? – It won’t even make me look taller – then I thought of my stripe pants and viola – problem solved!


Wearing a vertical stripe pattern instead of horizontal lines just makes the illusion of longer looking limbs. Kuddos to the one who invented this design!



Also, can I just add that doesn’t this pattern makes my thighs look thinner??? Does it? Thanks mom for the big thigh genes – NAH!!!!

You can also wear a crop top and high-waist bottom so you can create a longer and taller illusion of yourself if you don’t want patterns 🙂


Let us all flaunt everything we have and just be proud of it! – ” If you can’t beat them, join them!”

You, what is your favorite pattern?