Laneige Pore Care Review

I feel like its been forever since I have seen my face blackheads free and pore-less, this is the reason why I’m always in the hunt for good products that claims to target those 2 imperfections. I’ve been using 1 nose strip brand ( I bought it from the Philippines) to ease my blackhead catastrophe but it just keeps coming back, I guess you can ‘t really get rid of them unless you do a facial treatment every week – high maintenance much? I’m also about to run out of that strip but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online so I’ve decided to try something different and found this trial kit from LANEIGE out of the Sephora website – This is actually my first time trying out any of their products.


It ‘s been almost a month since I started using this kit and I’m really impressed! – it lasts for a long time for a trial size!



If I were to use this cleanser before, I will totally love this because its foamy and has a clean feeling after washing but I’m so used to cream cleansers now that I feel like this leaves a dry feeling on my face – like your skin was stretched so much, it feels like you had botox! Lol . I guess you may like this if you have super oily skin and wants that extra clean feel.


For me, I dont feel like this toner is any different from all the toners I’ve tried – sorry mr. toner – but it does have a nice smell to it which is always a plus!



This pore minimizer is the bomb too! I maybe bias because this is the only pore minimizer I’ve tried but this really work up my nose area – with just 1 pump, you can already see that it made your pores smaller and smooth (as we all know, blackheads feels rough when touched). It acts as a moisturizer too if you run out of the gel.


This is my most favorite out of all the products in this kit because it just leaves my skin super hydrated without looking too oily. I just put 4 dots around my face and that’s all you need to cover your whole face – AMAZING!


Lastly, this mask I would say is super quick dry since it is a water based – my skin absorbs it easily so I have to blend it right away. I leave this on for about 3-5 minutes until I feel my skin tightening up and you can actually see all your pores once it dries! I feel like after putting this clay mask, pore strip is necessary to take out all the blackheads I have.

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Overall, I must say that this trial kit is worth trying if you are in a hunt for a good pore care. Some of the items here might not suit your liking, but for sure there will be at least 1 that will and that’s the time to buy the full size one. Always keep in mind that you can never go wrong in trying any skin care product because that ‘s where you’ll know which ones suits your skintype. Buying trial samples are great way to save some bucks too – its like hitting 2 birds with one stone! 

You, what will you want to try next?