Just Thoughts #2

I’m writing this today with such a happy heart – I just cant believe how much love and support Im getting since I started this blog. That ‘s all because of you folks!!! I feel so blessed and thankful that God didn’t forget to guide me and give me the wisdom I needed to pursue this new endeavor. To be honest, I’m still not sure if I can do this all the way but so far so good – I’m loving how I can express all my thoughts through writing and be able to share with you my take on beauty, fashion, and life in general.

A little background story ” Before I started blogging, I was such in a dark place, ( not like I’m suicidal or anything of that nature ) but I just felt like I’m not happy and content with how my life is going. I wrote an entry on that here entitled ‘25 and Lost ‘ if you want the whole story but now that ‘s changed. I am feeling happy and living life one day at a time, of course I still have my doubts and dreams but I dont get too much anxiety like before. ”


This was me a few weeks ago, smiling with sad eyes and now, I’m just uplifted and ready to take my life to the next level of fulfillment. I’ve also realized that I just needed to go back to God and ask Him for guidance because since I did that, everything came of sense – that no matter how dark it was, there ‘s this light that will guide us after all. Here’s to all of us conquering life, bringing God and happiness in everything we do and to finish this of,  I wanna leave you with these quotes:

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Screenshot_20180418-121729_Samsung Internet~2.jpg

You, what are you thankful for?