Drugstore Make up Finds

Cosmetics have evolved big-time these past few years that I feel like I’m drowning from its colors and textures. There’s so much products to choose from that it gets overwhelming and expensive that all you want to do is just close your eyes and pick whatever you touch first. I must admit, I don’t buy makeup unless I need it so I don’t really have any idea how good current brands are and what products are worth trying. ( I will always watch YouTube videos but never buy anything for me to try 🙂 ) I feel such a crook too for having to write a beauty segment here in my blog and have nothing good and new to share with all of you so I’ve decided to amp up my beauty stash and share with you my affordable drugstore makeup finds.


I only got 6 items because I still have a couple of useful makeup in my old stash – these are just what I think I needed when I was in Target lol. I know these may seem a handful but girl! , I was inside the store for almost an hour and half just looking around thinking which one to buy – Too much for a decision to make right? 


Wet n Wild Color Icon = $4.99






 Revlon Lip Plumer = $7.99


Maybelline Master Chrome =$ 7.89








Elf’s Brow Enhance = $4.00


Maybelline Wonder Powder = $ 10.99
Elf’sBonzer/Blush Duo = $4.00








I know that these are older collection from the drugstore but they are very new and interesting to me. I am still not convinced to buy high-end makeup products so please bare with me with all my under $10 finds. Also, as you can see, I have yet to try how all these will blend on my face so watch out for my next updated makeup tutorial. I will link a YouTube video for a full on review once I finished testing them out – I can’t wait to play with them!

How about you girl, what is your go-to drugstore product?