Just Thoughts #1

As a young girl, I will always write my thoughts into basic poetry. There is something about rhyming the words in every stanza and still manage to make a sense out of it that calms me.  I must admit, I’m not a huge reader nor have the best vocabulary  knowledge known to most writers but I still want to write. (my thoughts)

For having poor grammatical skill, I still find it fulfilling to just finish 1 poem and release all the thoughts I have in my mind. I still love to write my own version of a poem even though I always find myself looking for the exact word/s to describe what I want to express and I know for sure that there are people who also dreams of freely releasing their thoughts without being hindered by the fear of running out of words or being criticized for poorly constucting a thought. This is why I’m sharing with you all one of my favorite pieces hoping you’ll find the courage to let go and be free like me.  I hope ya’ll enjoy it!



Sitting still,
Staring at the water.
Making me wonder,
How and what I really feel;
Am I living life to the fullest,
Or I am wasting it for things that don’t matter?
Is this life I chose to take leading anywhere?
I wish I know
But for the time being,
I’ll find my way to knowing while enjoying the view.

– Marie

You, what are your thoughts?