My Skincare Routine

As women, there is this norm that we have to look good every time we go out and about our day, but many of us tend to go past the most important step – SKIN CARE. I must admit, I too was so bad at taking care of my skin so I made sure to have a morning and evening beauty regimen and just be extra cautious on what I put on my face. I, however, don’t put too much products; I want to keep my routine simple yet effective ( at least I think it is) . I have 4 essential steps everyday and 3 extra ones whenever I feel like my skin is starting to look dull and whenever hormones strike. ( You know what I mean ) 🙂




For my morning routine:


Using sun screen keeps our skin from drying, aging and getting the unwanted sun spot – freckles. ( Contrary to the makeup trend nowadays * don’t know why tho*)


I bought this because it’s a 2 in 1 product – moisturizer and sunblock- which is a total plus because it’s 1 less step to do to jump start my day. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite but it’s doing the job so I’ll take it! I have yet to find the perfect sunscreen for me but if I do, I’ll update you all for sure.

For the night time:


Simple Micellar Cleansing Water 6.7 oz - image 1 of 5
SIMPLE micellar water for sensitive skin = $5.39 

I just recently found the magic of micellar water in removing make up (Heaven sent indeed!!!) This product in particular is affordable yet so good and I swear by it. I’ll just wet 1 cotton pad – about 2 drops, spread all over my face and viola! all my make up is gone – no need use a second pad.


Olay Luminous Brightening Face Cream Cleanser Advanced Tone Perfecting = $5.99
Olay Total Effects Nourishing Cream Cleanser Face Wash = $6.96

For the past years, I’ve gone through different brands and types of cleansers not caring about how harsh it is on my skin until I came across these 2 Olay products. They are both cream based that glides easily in the face, removing all the dirt without stripping the skin. It has this brightening formula in it that lightens my dark spots too. You know, from pricking all my pimples and yes! I’m one of those people who gets so much satisfaction out of pus coming out my skin. “GROSS!!! ” I know LOL. These cleansers will always be on top of my list, that ‘s for sure.


LANEIGE Water Bank Hydrating Gel = $35

Having a normal to oily of a combination skin type, I was very hesitant to do this step because of the thought that my T-zone will get oilier than ever, but I’m glad I did because all it does really is lock-in the moisture in my face. I noticed that you have to have the right amount of good oils in your face to retain the youthfulness of it. Any moisturizer will do to be honest, I’m just currently loving this Laneige water gel because a tiny amount is all you need to cover your entire face. It is on the high-end side of skin care but you are definitely getting your money’s worth! no doubt about that 🙂 

My Extra Steps:



This is given by my dermatologist for the ever so stubborn and unwanted zits the world has ever had and why do we have to have them anyways? hahaha On a serious note, this cream is so powerful that it can dry up my pimples overnight which is perfect because I will just pop them if not. Thanks doctor!


OLEHENRIKSENTruth Serum® Mini = $15

I have finally experienced the wonders of serums after convincing myself for so long to purchase one. ( My stinginess is coming through ladies!!! ) I was browsing through Sephora’s website (Like what I always do but never buy anything) and found this orange in a bottle from Olehenriksen. I purchased the mini size (of course!) This extra step is my favorite step because I feel like my skin is drinking pure orange extract while giving me that vibrant, fresh and young looking skin. I apply this serum every other night before my moisturizer in a patting motion instead of swirling it for full absorption. This is a must have ladies!!!!!


ORIGINSClear Improvement® Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores = $27

This specific active charcoal is my favorite of all masks that I’ve tried because it magically removes all the impurities in my face leaving it smooth and illuminated that lasts for days. I usually leave this for about 10-15 minutes depending on my mood or if I have to do something  while waiting for it to dry. I only do this step if I’m going somewhere important the day after so I’ll feel refreshed and if not, I’ll do this every other week or two. 🙂


Finally, the last step is just to feel good about your skin no matter how young and old you are. Aging is one of many stages in our life that we can never prevent but we can do so much to prolong the healthiness of our younger years, younger skin rather. Having the right skin care routine that matches what your skin needs is such a priority every girl should have on their to do list. It is not just to look appealing outside but it’ll help you feel confident and younger inside too. Us girls have this natural beauty in us that will shine through as long as we remember to smile and just be grateful each day. Celebrate who you are everyday of your life!!!

You, what is your most favorite step?